Wednesday, 7 April 2010


Indy is still living in 9f (left) - we haven't seen him in 9f (right) since he came out of hibernation in 9f (right). We hope he didn't trash the place... We haven't been able to check, because he hasn't left the area of the boiler room yet.

He still seems quite wary about coming out of the boiler room. He seems to wake up, come out of the nest box and sniff around in the hall and then change his mind and go back into the nest several times each night...

... before finally coming out for something to eat and drink. We love the way you can see his nose sniffing under the door before he finally squeezes out through the narrowest part of the opening he can manage:

We have had a hedgie on the patio. One little chap went into 9b for a snooze, to find that its empty - we left the straw out to let it "air" and haven't put it back yet. The poor thing went in, curled up in a ball in the corner before dashing up to 9e on the lawn for a ten-minute binge on mealworms.

We also had a surprise when checking 9c. If we know there is a hedgehog in residence we leave them in peace, but we thught it was empty. We just opened the lid to check all was ok, fluffed up the straw and found a ball of spines. We shut the lid quickly. We hadn't seen anything go into 9c and checking the captures for the last few days we couldn't see anything either, so we think this may have been in for a few days, and is possibly back in hibernation. We will see...


  1. I think Indy is a great character, and well suited to his name.

    Love the picture of him squeezing under the door. It just goes to confirm what small gaps they can go through when they want to.

  2. Thanks Kevin. You are spot on about how small a gap they need. It is quite fascinating really.

    We are sure you will also agree that they (Indy, NighShift and indeed your own Harry, TicTac and Uno) are all great characters and each has their own quite distinct personality, just like humans.