Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Another visit

After the surprise visit of the first hedgehog on Saturday night / Sunday morning, we waited on Sunday night to see if he would return, or if he had just been in for a mid-hibernation snack (if you can call a full bowl of mealworms a "snack".) I'm not sure if we were more disappointed or relieved when he didn't appear. Disappointed, because we love to see the hedgehogs trundling around the garden, but relieved to think he was tucked up safely because it is still very cold - only about three degree Celsius the last few nights.

So, we thought that was the end of the hedgehogs for a little while yet, but the bowl in 9e had definitely been attacked when we got up this morning. Not emptied, but definitely visited. Sure enough, a check of the captures shows two visits:

And here he is leaving after the second visit. This is rather late, as it is starting to get light by 6:30.

We looked back at the videos of his first visit on Saturday night, and we can just see him on the Alleycam, for about half an hour before he came into the garden, so he must have found something good out there. It was very interesting watching when he came into the garden - through the ATM, straight into 9e, down to the water, back to 9e and out through the ATM - as if he'd never been away.

I wonder when the rest of the hedgehogs will appear.

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