Monday, 21 March 2011

Two special videos

We have never really been interested in making movies, and took nothing but still photographs until we got interested in hedgehogs. As a result we have never had any experience of video editing, and so our  videos have really only been clips of the captures from the DVRs.

Sometimes the action is spread across several cameras and we have managed to join a few clips together, but the three cameras in the alley (10, 11 and 12) sometimes call for special treatment, as they are arranged to look down, across and up the alley from the same point. This clip uses the "picture in picture" to show the action on all three cameras as it moves from one camera to the next and back.

It happened a few days ago, as Quattro was making his way up the alley, having left home in 9f a few minutes earlier. He stops just before the ATM, and has a "toothpaste moment" (watch his little tail go up first). We don't know if he was preparing for what happened next, or just got caught at an inconvenient moment, but Tog comes dashing out of the ATM and bowls him over. Poor Quattro is then well and truly battered by Tog for several minutes.

This is a video from June last year, taken on the normal video camera we bought on eBay. It is of Nightshift, just after she moved out of the nest box in the garden (we think to have her hoglets). After she moved out she visited regularly for a few weeks, but then she stopped coming and we haven't seen her since. We still miss her, as she was our first resident and was visiting us for nearly three years. We found that in the long days several hedgehogs would visit in the late evening before it was dark - we think they were probably getting hungry. It meant that we were able to video in daylight instead of Infra-Red and thus use the normal video camera. It is so nice to have a video showing what a hedgehog really looks like. It is high definition, so it may be worth viewing full screen.

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  1. Nice 'panoramic' video with the three cameras. The Hedgehogs which get bullied just seem to take it in their stride. Curling up is such a good defence for them in those situations.

    Lovely colour clip. I managed some several Summers ago.