Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Quattro has an Awayday

When he first arrived in the garden after coming out of hibernation, Quattro spent a couple of nights in 9f at the front of the house. We were surprised when he spent the next day in 9a nest box in the back garden. Here he is arriving:

We were surprised the way he trotted down the lawn and into 9a - he appeared to know exactly where he was going. As you can see in the background, it was just starting to get light. He spent the day in 9a, but as we expected, he came out of 9a, had a bite to eat, and went out for the night:

and when he went to bed the next morning, it was back to 9f. He was quite restless during the day, as most hedgehogs seem to be, rearranging the bedding, sleeping, and sometimes just laying in the tunnel looking out:

He stayed the next few nights in 9f, but last night he moved back into 9a. He was up quite early tonight, around 20:00 - and he was back in 9f having his dinner and retiring for a nap by 20:30.

We saw the unmarked visitor again last night - in at the ATM, fifteen minutes eating in 9e and out via the decking. We were hoping to check him over when he came down to the water, but he didn't come down.

Tog was his usual self, showing who is boss. We were amazed to see how he treated poor Quattro. Tog was in the garden when Quattro came trundling up the alley alst night - but Quattro stopped just outside the ATM and waited, for quite a while. Sure enough, Tog came shooting out of the ATM, and bulldozed Quattro about 2 metres down the alley, right in front of camera 12. Then Tog went further down the alley, turned round and battered Quattro again - then up the alley, turn round and strike again. Then off he went, down the alley.

Twearly was in again, but he gives 9e a wide berth. All of the hedgehogs come down to the water for a drink, carefully leaning over the edge of the tray and drinking. Not Twearly - he like to paddle as well, although he did have a good snack first:


  1. Lovely clear video clips of the hog activity.

  2. We are glad you think so, John. We would love if all were really sharp ones - maybe it is just that we are going more for more coverage than better quality. Once we win the Lottery (!) we will go for both coverage and quality. The only thing is that somehow, I cannot see that happening anytime soon unfortunately :(