Friday, 11 March 2011

Tog is getting really nasty

We saw considerable aggression from Tog against poor Twearly a fews night ago. We saw even more violence against Number Three, the third hedgehog to come out of hibernation.

Number Three had just arrived in the garden, when he was set on by Tog. At the start of the video, you can see Tog rolling him down towards 9e. At one point, Tog seems to be holding the other hedgie in his mouth and be shaking him. We've only seen hedgehogs pushing each other before.

Every time Number Three moves, Tog sorts him out.

Watch the bottom of the screen at 9:40 into the video (real time 00:03:30), as Twearly zips past - he doesn't want to get caught by Tog.

Eventually, poor Number Three gives up and leaves the garden. He returned a short while later after Tog had left 9e. Unfortunately, he'd only just started eating when Tog returns and plasters him up against the back wall:

This clip shows the action from inside 9e. It starts slightly later than the last clip, with Number Three munching away. Watch for the shadow as Tog arrives.

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