Friday, 6 November 2009

A bit late.. but nothing to report

The blog is rather late today - this is for the night before last (Wednesday 4th). Unfortunately, the only news is no news. Not a single hedgehog sighting. We hope they are all safe, and haven't chosen a bonfire to nest in. Fortunately, there aren't usually any bonfires in the gardens round us, so we're quite hopeful.

The cats are still appearing at the front, but we'll let them finish the hedgehog food and not put any more out once it's gone, but we'll keep putting the mealies and water out, just in case one of the hedgehogs wakes up feeling peckish.


  1. I think we are now down to just one outside visitor per night. He / she keeps getting marks on his spines, much like I think you said Indy got.

    Harry is still eating, after a couple of bad days weight-wise, he did well today and is now up to 513g. As is is now cooler, we are keeping him more in the utility room than the garage.

  2. It is sad that the hedgies are disappearing but it is lovely to know that you still have one visiting your garden. Good news too about Harry. They do seem to put on weight quite quickly, even if not steadily.

  3. I spoke too soon - not a prickle in sight this evening.

  4. Any news on Harry? We hope he's going on all right.

  5. Probably 3/4 hour after I wrote my last reply, our outside visitor with the marks on his / her back appeared. It had been really noisy that evening with fireworks, so he might have waited until it quietened down. Had another visit - not sure if the same hoggie - about 8:45 this evening.

    Harry has had a couple of slow weight gain days (but still eating Hedgehog Bites), now up to 525g.

    Talking of the bites, I am down to my last pack. Will have to try to locate some more.