Tuesday, 3 November 2009

The passing hedgehog

We were surprised to see this little chap in the alley at 6:30 pm - the earliest we've seen one in the alley, and we only just caught him as I'd just arrived home. We aren't sure if it's Visitor or another hedgie, but he seems to be totally unmarked.

He had quite a good munch in the alley, but never came into the garden. We think he might have been frightened off - he jumps several times during the clip, but we don't know what it was .

Unfortunately, we didn't have any more visitors to the garden.

At the front, we didn't see any sign of Indy. He went into 9f about 0:40 the previous night, and as far as we can tell he's still in there, so it looks like he's hibernating. There's no motion detect on that camera, so we have to scan the videos... We've had to put a sign on the door, as earlier in the week we were just in time to stop the postman putting a parcel in on top of him:

We put out a selection of hedgehog foods for Indy, as well as the mealworms, just in case he felt peckish, but all we managed to do was attract the local moggies. Unfortunately, they also seem very interested in the boiler room, so poor Indy is getting company. We'll have to restrict access.


  1. Cats were the only things here to eat the bought Hedgehog food so I gave up with it in the end. Not seen a hedgie for at least a month now.