Friday, 6 November 2009

Visitor Returns!

We nearly missed him, it was so quick, but Visitor returned to the garden last night. The first visit was very early (just before quarter past six) and very quick. He just came down the alley, through the ATM and disappeared. We assume he went out under the decking, but since we removed the camera from there after the fence collapse last weekend, we can't tell. We grabbed the night scope, but couldn't see him at all.

This first clip is a dual view of him coming down the alley and in the ATM. The camera labelled DECK is the old decking camera, temporarily repositioned looking down on the ATM:

And here's the normal ATM view:

We were even more surprised checking back through the triggers to find he made a second visit about half past eleven:

We wonder what is the matter with the little chap - he seems a reasonable size, and doesn't seem to be eating or drinking very much, and has been hanging around for over a week since the other hedgies went into hiding. We wonder if "he" is really a "she" and is bringing up a litter of youngsters for us to overwinter.


  1. Oh dear! This is no time of year to be having babies. I hope your hunch about this is wrong.

  2. Surely if she were bringing up babies, she would be eating a lot...

  3. We would have thought so, but when Nightshift first had hers she was only appearing for a short time each night.