Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Only cats...

We haven't seen a single hedgehog tonight, so it seems they are all tucked up for the winter, but the extra hedgehog bites we put out as an extra treat for little Indy have worked wonders in attracting the local cats.

We don't mind them scoffing the food but aren't too happy about them intruding into Indy's nestbox area, although he should be safe inside. We'll have to do something to reduce the access for the cats.

We did have a little surprise when going through the triggers from the cameras on the night of our last visit from Visitor. We saw him in the alley, but he never came into the garden. What we didn't notice was that he was on the ATM a little while later, heading OUT of the garden. After the collapse of the fence over the decking last weekend, we had assumed the decking entrance was blocked, but he seems to have found a way in. Because the decking camera was under the fence we had moved it, so we have no record of that - but we repositioned it looking down on the ATM. The bad news is that there were so many spurious triggers the recorder had actually crashed, so we don't have a video, but we do have the motion detect triggers of the little chap:


  1. That's part of the reason that I have the hedgehog feeding station, so as to keep the food safe from the cats. In theory. The only food I put out unprotected is stuff like mealworms that cats aren't interested in.

  2. The cats didn't show much interest in the hedgehog food we put out at the back, but they really seem to like it at the front. They are the same cats, too - and they never came up to the house at the front.

    Indy didn't like the stuff anyway, so it's back to the mealworms in case he pops out for a snack.