Monday, 2 November 2009

Indy Stays Home

We're certain it was Indy who returned to the boiler room the night before last. Last night he came out just before 8pm, spent about 8 minutes munching, then went back to bed. He next appeared about twenty-five to one, heading for the water by the front door. He then returned to the bowl for a few seconds and headed off for the front lawn for a couple of minutes, then came back and went to bed. We haven't seen him since.

We checked the rest of last night's video carefully, and we're certain he didn't sneak out, so it seems he's asleep in the boiler room. It was very chilly overnight (down to 6 degrees C) so he decided to have an early night. Could he have finally hibernated? We will see - these hedgehogs are so unpredictable!

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