Sunday, 1 November 2009

Indy returns?

Following the behaviour of the Visitor the previous night, we thought we had seen our last hedgehog of the year. This seemed to be the correct assumption last night, when we had had no visitor in the back garden by the time I went to bed around 2am.

We also thought Indy had moved out of the boiler room at the front, since we hadn't seen him for several nights.

We therefore had a surprise this afternoon when we did a quick scan of the captures from the front - we had a visit from a hedgehog, and he had moved back into 9f!

What we can't be certain of is who it is (what a surprise!) We are sure it is the hedgehog who visited the back garden three times the night before, and that it is the one we weighed the night before that. Seeing his behaviour on this clip, where he moves from 9f (right) to 9f (left) makes us think it is Indy, showing his indecision again. What we do know is that Indy wasn't our original visitor, because we did see the two of them at the same time, one at the front and one at the back.

It is therefore possible that the original Visitor was the one who did the runner the night we did the weigh-in.

The weather really broke overnight - yesterday was quite sunny and warm, but it cooled off and rained overnight, and it was very windy. You can see all the leaves which came down overnight. So, perhaps Indy has decided that his accommodation for the last few nights wasn't as good as the boiler room. We will see.

We had another surprise when we checked the cameras this morning. When we looked at the decking cam it looked very odd. We went out and checked the camera and found that the fence had partially collapsed, blocking the entrance to the decking. The fence belongs to the house at the back, not us, and has looked very unstable for quite some time. We are lucky it didn't happen a few days ago. The people at the back seemed to be away today, so we will see what happens to the fence this week. We just have to try and make sure the access under the decking remains.

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