Saturday, 31 October 2009

3 visits... but only one visitor

We had three hedgehog visits last night,but think it was the same hedgie on all three occasions. The first visit was on schedule for the regular visitor, with a good meal on the ATM, a good long drink and then out - but no visit under the decking. It was quite a long visit - over 11 minutes total, so this is at double speed.

We were then surprised to see a hedgehog arrive in the alley about 9:40 pm. We think it's the same hedgie, and just for a bite to eat, with no drink.

Finally, just before midnight, another visit, with drink. Again, the same hedgie as before, and so probably the same as one of the two from the previous night. We think it's the one we brought in for a check up and a weigh. We wonder if this is the final top-up of the year... Double speed.

And lastly, a different visitor. Maybe this little frog feels safe now Nightshift is away.

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