Saturday, 29 August 2009

Another busy night

Last night was another busy night for hedgehogs, but as it was rather chilly we stayed indoors. Tina the baby was very active again, with several visits.

On the first one she went snuffling under a large spreading plant and popped out unexpectedly. The plant has hairy leaves and droplets of water collect on them, and she seems to be licking the water from the leaves. There is a large bowl of water to the left, just out of the shot on the other side of the plant, but she seems to like it fresh.

We're not sure what the plant is (great gardeners, aren't we!), but suspect it's a weed as we didn't plant it and it's very invasive. It's been allowed to stay as the hedgies do like snuffling under it, and I think Tina's behaviour has won it another reprieve.

Update: thanks to Dr Hessayon's Flower Expert book, we can confirm the plant is not a weed, but an Alchemilla ("Lady's Mantle") - "a delightful old-fashioned perennial, seen at its best when the leaves are sparkling with dewdrops".

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