Thursday, 27 August 2009

More of baby

I didn't update the blog last night, as we were busy hedgehog watching. Baby came again, and she spent a full hour in the garden this time. She is busy exploring and has covered more of the garden each night. Somehow, despite the fact that it is very dark in the garden, she seems to be able to find her way round.

The garden is not very large, mainly a very tatty lawn with flower beds round, and two clumps of sunflowers in the middle(!), and then a low retaining wall and steps leading to a small patio (where we have three of the hedgehog nestboxes) and the back door. The first hedgehog we found in the garden was on the patio, and we couldn't work out how it had got there, as there are steps from the lawn. We found that they use a small "natural" ramp at the left-hand-side, the result of us having a large conifer removed many years ago. The low retaining wall behind the tree had crumbled and natural ramp had formed. Of course, we've since found that the hedgehogs will use the steps instead, if the fancy takes them - they are surprisingly good climbers.

The night before last, baby found the top of the steps at the right hand side of the garden, and apparently decided they were too steep for her. We put some bricks there last night to reduce the depth of the steps, but she didn't look last night. Instead, she found the retaining wall about half-way along, and peered over the edge. Deciding it was too steep, she progressed along the wall, having a sniff at one of the cameras along the way (must find that clip later...) and eventually she found the ramp and trundled down it.

Here she is, eating mealworms in front of "9b", the second nestbox (9a is on the lawn).

She explored all round the patio, although she didn't check out any of the accommodation on offer. Maybe tonight? Then she must have decided it was time to leave, as she can be seen here heading for the ramp at high speed:

She seems to be scratching a lot, one time actually laying on her back for a good scratch. But she seems to be very active and inquisitive, not to say daring. We just hope she doesn't get herself into any nasty scrapes by being too daring.

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