Tuesday, 25 August 2009

The baby returns

One of last night's babies returned. He found his way into the garden through the ATM this time, instead of the undignified slide he made yesterday, and he found one of the hedgehog bowls full of mealworms. He had a feed of them, but chose to do it with all four feet inside the bowl - I suppose the sides were a little high for him to reach over.

He found his way back to the ATM with no problems - only just over a metre away, but it was pitch dark. The problem seemed to be finding the actual hole. He knew the exit was there somewhere. Poor little thing. At least we know we did the right thing when we put the little flight of steps either side of the hole a few weeks ago - before that we just had a house brick, which was no problem for big hedgies like Nightshift, but would have been a problem for this little chap. I think we'd better put another step on it, though - it's sunk a little since we put it in place. A non-slip surface might help too, as he seems to slip on the wood.

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