Monday, 24 August 2009

More of last night's baby hedgehog

We've just been looking the the video clips from last night and have realised that we actually had two baby hedgehogs visiting last night.

The first one, the one we saw exploring the garden round our feet, was under the decking of the garden at the back of us. From the camera under the decking we saw the little hedgie exploring, and somehow it worked out the way into our garden. Unfortunately, this is a very steep incline, and you can see the poor hedgie trying to get down. Then at the last moment, it seems to slip - and it was in.

Fortunately, it was a safe garden it fell in to, but it made me glad that a couple of weeks ago we'd put a cover on the open drains at the end of the row of houses - it would have been so easy for the hedgie to fall head-first down a drain.

Some how, the little chap managed to find his way back to the "normal" way in to the garden, the ATM - and after a bit of exploring found its way out again.

Just after this little baby left, one of the regular hedgehogs had a pushing match with another hedgehog, and we were amazed to see it was another baby. Just look at his little legs straining to push the bigger hedgie.

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