Friday, 21 August 2009

Blackbird stealing the hedgie's food

Most of the mealworms we put out for the hedgehogs are in open bowls, and each morning the starlings descend on the garden and devour any mealworms which the hedgies didn't eat. The other birds visiting the garden don't seem too interested in mealworms - or is it that the starlings have scoffed the lot? In an attempt to keep the hedgie food dry, we have made a feeding station out of a plastic box, following Snufflehog's great idea. The hedgies seem to like it. The starlings don't - we've never seen one inside. Surpisingly, we have a young blackbird who ventures inside and helps himself. We have seven or eight other blackbirds, but they won't go inside, and don't even seem to like mealworms. This chap is in every day. At first he would dash in, grab a mealie and dash outside again to eat it, but it seems he's confident enough to stay inside and eat.

He seems to be quite a brave little blackbird. Most of the other blackbirds are very timid, and scared off by the flock of starlings, but he has been seen to stand up to a starling. Even more worrying - he nips through the hole in the fence, no doubt looking for any mealies the hedgies may have missed - but the alley behind the fence is a favourite with the cats - you can see them looking out longingly at the birds.

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