Tuesday, 25 August 2009

A change from the hedgehogs

We love the hedgehogs, but we also feed the birds - it was probably the bird food which attracted the hedgehogs. We have a number of regulars, and they have lots of entertaining behaviour. Although we had a few heavy showers today, we had some sunny intervals, and this young blackbird took full advantage of the weather to do a spot of sunbathing on the lawn...

...as did this rather bedraggled looking dunnock. They do like to fluff their feathers up.

This young Pied Wagtail started visiting a few days ago, although we've had an adult here most of the summer.

The family two doors away had a family of blue tits raised in their nestbox and we have started to get a few visits, usually when no other birds are about

The starlings tend to monopolise the garden when they are around. This young chap is just getting his spotted waistcoat. He seems to be a late baby as most of the other starlings are much more advanced in their plumage. Things have quietened down on the starling front - we just get a flock of about 20 around 6:30 am. This is much quieter than when we had over 20 hungry babies arriving with parents at just after 4 am. It seems many people don't like starlings because of their aggressive behaviour, but we find them great fun to watch, particularly when they all drop in together.

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