Saturday, 29 August 2009

Tiny Tina finds the patio again

Tiny Tina found her way down to the patio again, and had a long drink and some mealworms. The first night we saw her she didn't seem too interested in the mealies, but they now seem a firm favourite with her, just like all the other hedgies.

She also likes to get all four feet into the bowl at the same time, although it doesn't leave much room for eating.

She hasn't shown any interest in the accommodation yet, but neither have any of the other hedgehogs at the moment.


  1. I saw you had joined the followers on my blog so I came to have a look. Have thoroughly enjoyed reading about and watching your hoggy visitors. Especially noted the use being made of your hedgehog homes. I hope one of my local visitors will have a look in mine in the not too distant future.
    Next time I write about my hogs I'll put a link to you. Also I have added you to the list of blogs I read so I hope more will take the hint and come and read your excellent accounts.

  2. Thanks for your kind comments. We hope you do get some hoggy visitors - I'm sure you will as they seem to be very good at finding comfortable accommodation. It's possible they aren't so interested at this time of year as we haven't had any overnight stays for a few weeks. It's wonderful when they do visit.