Sunday, 23 August 2009

A busy start to the evening

As the nights draw in, the hedgehogs have started arriving earlier, since they seem to set out on their night's "hunting" at dusk. We had three different hedgies visiting the garden in the half hour up to 9 pm. The first little chap arrived outside the hole in the fence, had a quick scout around and left. Next to arrive was Nightshift. She did a quick tour of the garden, into the lawn feeder for a minute, then down to get a drink. Unfortunately, we were a little late starting to put out the food and water tonight, and had to hurry when the first little chap arrived. As a result, we forgot to fill one of the main water bowls. Of course, poor little Nightshift decided to take a drink from it, and it tipped up when she put her paws on the edge. Still, it didn't seem to bother her and she just moved onto the next trough, which was full. After a good drink, on to the next feeder for a quick nibble, and then out of the garden again. No doubt she'll be back later.

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