Monday, 31 August 2009

A quieter night...

Last night didn't seem as busy as the night before, and Nightshift hadn't been by the time we went to bed, which is very unusual for her. The worrying starts when she's late or missing, as we have grown very attached to her over the past year.

Tina the baby goes from strength to strength, exploring more and more, although she wasn't on the patio for very long - she was exploring under the decking of the garden behind us. She really does seem to be full of energy and a really determined little thing:

Most of the other hedgehogs who visit have only explored a fraction of the garden she has. I think she'll be a very successful hedgehog as she seems to find lots of food in the garden besides what we put out. We just hope she doesn't get herself into a tight spot. It was nice watching her wandering along the garden wall a couple of nights ago - peering over the edge. She couldn't tell what was over it, so at least she didn't jump. She does the same with the garden steps - every night she climbs down the top, shallow, step and then peers over the edge. Unlike the wall, which she only visited once, she goes to the steps every night, as if she knows there is something there. We keep building up the steps a little, but apparently not enough for her to risk climbing down.

She also sniffed round the ATM a couple of times on her way in or out, something we've not seen her do before. The local cats do use the ATM at times, so maybe one of them left an interesting scent.

We also have one or more frogs or toads in the garden. The one I helped out of the plastic box earlier in the week is probably living here, but it is even more difficult to recognise individuals than it is with hedgehogs, and we still can't decide whether it was a frog or a toad. There was one on the patio last night, with its head sticking out from under 9b. Little Tina walked right over the poor thing! Checking the video captures this morning we found a great clip - a direct hit on the water bowl. You can just see the eyes arriving on the left of the screen before it jumps.


  1. Love bits of video again. Fascinating the way the frog landed straight in the water bowl. You seem to have quite a few visitors. Here there are just the two adults who have just made a fleeting visit to the feeding area.

  2. I'm sure you will be rewarded by more visitors as you are providing food, water and deluxe accommodation. We were very lucky by getting a visitor to each hedgie house on the first night it was out, but then you can go for quite a while before another visit. We have seen quite a number of different hedgehogs. One will suddenly appear, visit for a few nights or even weeks and then we see no more of it, so it seems as though they keep moving on. Then you get ones like Nightshift who move in for months.