Saturday, 19 September 2009

Alfie 2: The Sequel

Alfie the baby hedgehog continued to entertain, amaze and surprise us last night, and again this morning when we checked the overnight video captures.

For a few nights Alfie has been leaving 9a, where he spends the day, and going almost immediately into 9b, where he spends a few hours snoozing and popping out for the odd snack. Last night he was joined fairly quickly by 9d, the slightly larger hedgie living in 9d. We were expecting fireworks, but they were actually very well behaved, just falling asleep with Alfie well inside the nest and 9d just inside the bedroom. It was quite warm last night, and 9d was suffering from the heat as he moved into the entrance tunnel and again fell asleep. Soon after, Alfie woke up and decided he wanted a snack, and as you can see he made sure he got one. When poor 9d had recovered he went back to bed in 9d.

In the early hours, Alfie came back to find another hedgie on the food bowl. The other hedgie took exception and they had a pushing match. Alfie was much smaller and came off worse, but he certainly put up a fight.

We were amazed to see him soon after bringing in some nesting supplies under the decking

which he then took into 9a:

A little later he shared a meal with a friend, possibly 9d:

Unfortunately, later on, Alfie has a snack and goes away, and out comes Flatmate... followed by another friend.

Poor Alfie! Is this the end of the friendship, or are they just having a friend for a sleepover? After this video, before daylight, Alfie brought in two more lots of nesting material - but he didn't stay the night in either 9a or 9b. We don't know what happened to him. Perhaps he went to his old nest?

Last night seemed much warmer, and the hedgehogs seemed much lest active. Nightshift spent most of the night in the garden, eating from the bowl outside 9c, then going into 9c for a snooze. She didn't go round to the front of the house at all. 9d was also hanging around quite a lot. Only Alfie seemed to be working.

In case you are wondering... yes, Alfie did come back this evening.

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  1. Funny - I've not seen a hedgehog carry stuff in its mouth before like that. But then, I don't have nesting boxes. Perhaps next year.