Sunday, 20 September 2009

Alfie III

Alfie the baby hedgehog didn't return home to 9a the night before last. We don't know where he stayed, or why he stayed out all night. He did return last night, but it wasn't easy for the little chap.

His first attempt to return was under the decking. Unfortunately, just as he was on his way in, he got a fright - a cat tried to get under the decking. Poor Alfie ran off.

A little later he reappeared in the alley and tried to get in via the ATM. Unfortunately, Nightshift was on the other side of the ATM munching away on mealies. Alfie caught sight of her and wandered off up the alley. He came back a few moments later, and she was still there, so he squeezed in past her.

When he finally got into the garden, he spent most of the evening in 9b, as usual, except that we managed to startle the poor chap by opening the back door just as he was about to go in. He did go in a few minutes later.

He returned to 9a this morning as usual and was first up this evening, although he did go back in after a quick snack. He's on his normal routine again now.

As 9b was unoccupied during the day we sneaked a quick look inside, as he'd managed to get some straw over the camera, and he's got a lovely little best built.

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