Thursday, 17 September 2009

Musical Nest boxes...

Following on from last night's exploration of Nightshift's nest box by Alfie the baby hedgehog, the hedgie living in 9d (whom we have christened, strangely enough, 9d) decided to get in on the act, testing out both Alfie's night-time resting place (9b):

and Nightshift's residence:

Alfie is still getting up just after dark and then going down to 9b. He was in and out quite a few times until the early hours, when he finally made the effort and went out of the garden. He met someone on his way in

and later on had another disagreement with another baby. We aren't sure who this baby is - we didn't see it come into the garden, but we don't think it's Alfie's flat mate from 9a. Although Alfie seems to come off best, it doesn't just give up and curl up.

Finally, Alfie goes back to bed, back in 9a. The bright light here is the infra-red from the new tunnelcam.

Nightshift spent most of the night at the front. One of our neighbours called round and as he was standing at the front door she ran between his legs. She finished off another saucer of mealworms at the front.

Alfie's flat mate was late getting up - after 11 pm - but it did go on its travels. 9d finally chose to stay in 9d, after testing 9b and 9c.

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