Saturday, 26 September 2009

Earlier and earlier still

As the nights draw in the hedgehogs are getting up earlier and earlier. As noted in the previous post, we found 9d had been watching us put the food out before it was properly dark.

Last night the first hedgehog was up and out well before it was dark. We think it was 9d. We weren't quite sure, as he had spent the day in 9c. Nightshift had spent the day round the front in 9f.

Alfie was also up and out early, going straight out of the garden. He was back soon after, for his normal evening spent in 9b. He gets up quite frequently for a snack, and we regularly see him like this - his snout reaches the mealworms before his back legs reach the floor, so he just eats like that.

We don't know who the visitor who wanders across half way through, but they don't seem interested in each other.

Since Nightshift had spent the day in 9f at the front, she was there scoffing very early in the evening. I needed to go out to the car about 8:30 pm, so we were on our hands and knees peering through the letter box to make sure she wasn't in front of the door before I opened it - the camera now covers the boiler room door and not the front door.

We saw the other large female again. Thinking about it, we see her most evenings, as she is one of the early risers, but she just wanders up the alley, past the ATM, sometimes snacking on the mealies. She is noticeably darker in colour than most of the other hedgies, but seems quite shy, so we've never really seen enough of her to find out much about her. She is in the garden occasionally, but not every day, nor at a particular time.

Most of the action again seemed to be around 9a, but the tunnelcam IRs burn out a lot of the detail on the general view camera, and I haven't had the time to check the captures and do any editing of the tunnelcam clips, so I think I will finish the post now, and do a bit of editing...

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