Monday, 14 September 2009

Hot-bunking Hedgehogs

It looks as though we are suffering from a shortage of hedgehog accommodation in the area - watching the Tunnelcam this evening we saw two hedgies hot-bunking - one came out of the tunnel and had just started on his mealworms when up came another hedgehog, straight into the tunnel:

The chappie who comes out could be the one with the A on his rear - we're not quite sure who he is any more, but we think he's been napping in 9b, and possibly is Nightshift's second in 9c.

Ten minutes later another hedgie went into the tunnel - not sure if it was the one who had just come out or another one. This is definitely "A".

A little later "A" comes out again, has a snack, thinks about going for another nap, changes his mind and goes out under the decking.

And finally, the other chap comes out.

They certainly get around quite a lot, but we don't think they can be ranging so far. The little hedgie living in 9d is always first up at night, and he zips out of the garden, but he's back in bed a couple of hours later, for a couple of hours snooze. At least it seems that they are finding food elsewhere and not just living solely on a diet of mealworms.

They all seem to have their own little itineraries. These two went out under the decking. Others use the ATM. Some go to the patio, others don't. At the same time, they do have a little variation. Nightshift sometimes uses the ramp, sometimes the steps to get to the patio - but it shows she knows her way around.

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  1. A great set of close up clips. Interesting in the first to see the feeding hedgehog lean its body towards the other as it crept past. I have seen this here on occasion. I guess as a defensive action in case of attack it puts the harder spines at the right height to ward off a tender nose getting too close.