Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Nightshift, Alfie and Friends

Nightshift hardly visited the front of the house last night, and returned to 9c quite early. She'd had a visitor in 9c, who slept in the bedroom for about an hour and then got up and laid in the entrance tunnel. Nightshift was eating outside, apparently oblivious of his presence until she headed for bed. She then didn't quite seem to know what to do about him, going to the entrance and then moving away. It would have been nice to have sound on this recording - I wonder if she was giving him a huffing. In the end, she just trampled over the poor chap.

He then got up and went straight up to 9a and barged in there.

Although Alfie is still spending the evenings in 9b (he's asleep in the 9b tunnel as I write this, with his legs splayed out) he still seems to call 9a "Home", since he took two more lots of leaves into 9a - the only hedgehog we've seen carrying materials into the nest.

He's still sharing with Flatmate, and they came out together to share a meal a couple of times. These are on the tunnelcam - I've got the basic editing sorted, so I can cut out the interesting bits from the 12 hours of video each night.

Alfie was quite hungry this morning, as he kept coming out of 9a for a quick snack. Unfortunately, we don't seem to have put enough mealies in the bowl - it was completely empty, and he was looking all round it. There were plenty of mealies elsewhere, and he went to the second bowl by 9a and also up to the decking feeder. We have put a second bowl of mealies next to the first in front of the tunnel cam tonight.

We have eight bowls of mealies around the garden, plus a scattering on both sides of the ATM, so we hope there is enough food around for all, and that one bullying hedgie won't stop the others getting something to eat. The ATM is proving to be quite a meeting point, and we see quite a bit of pushing and shoving. This poor hedgie not only got butted back through the ATM, but the "butter" came through the ATM to finish him off, before returning through the ATM. The first hedgie was shell-shocked and seemed to have trouble standing up again, but got through the ATM in the end. He seems to be caught in a loop of string, but it's actually a part of the ivy which grows over the alley.

Finally, a nice clip which shows hedgehogs can get on well together... most of the time.

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  1. That's a lovely video of the two little hogs sharing a meal together.