Wednesday, 16 September 2009

The same old routine...

The local hedgehogs are settling into a routine. First up is 9d. He doesn't even bother with much to each, but is up and out of the garden. Two hours later he comes back and goes to bed for a couple of hours. Then he does the same thing again. Finally, he gets back between five and six, when he has a good meal and drink and then he goes to bed. We topped up the straw in his tunnel.

Then Nightshift gets up. She goes out fairly quickly, and doesn't normally come back into the garden until after five am. But she's now spending most of her time at the front, eating and then snoozing in the boiler room. She had a saucer full of mealworms last night.

Next comes little Alfie. He is still very tiny, to the extent that we are getting worried about how small he still is. He gets up from 9a, which he is sharing with another baby during the day, and comes onto the patio for a drink and something to eat. He then normally goes out exploring

then comes back and goes to sleep in 9b.

but he still goes home to 9a each morning.

Finally, the other hedgie in 9a gets up, had a meal and goes out. We don't really know much about this one - it just seems to sleep in the garden during the day, and doesn't get up to much in the garden.

Then we have the assorted visitors, who just call in for a meal and a drink. One arrives in the alley fairly early in the evening, munches outside the ATM and leaves, without coming in. There's another who just uses the garden as a transit between the ATM and the decking, although we suspect it has a quick nibble on the feeder by the decking.

Of course, if they were totally predictable they wouldn't be hedgehogs. Last night Alfie snook into Nightshift's pad while she was out:

During the day, Nightshift and 9d have been very busy in the nests, rearranging the furniture. We can't really see what they have been doing, but they have been very busy.

Finally, we had quite a surprise - a robin taking a bath in the twilight. It was quite dark - the cameras had already switched to infra-red - when we caught this on the water cam:

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