Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Back to normal

After Nightshift being missing the whole day and Alfie missing for half the day, things were more or less back to normal last night.

Nightshift returned and spent the night scoffing mealies, both at the front and in the back garden, sampling most of the different feeders. She does keep going missing for an hour or so, so we hope she is also foraging and getting food elsewhere.

She is getting quite aggressive now, and poor little Alfie has been on the receiving end more than once.

Alfie got caught in a hedgie jam as he was trying to come through the ATM. He was just about to enter when he met one coming the other way. After a major pushing match, the other chap won through. He didn't realise there was another hedgie waiting patiently to come in as well.

Nightshift had a squatter, but he moved out before she returned, lucky for him. We think it was 9d, as he seems to like trying different nests.

Finally, here's a nice little scratch on the ATM:


  1. I think you will have to have a dual carriageway and some keep left signs before long :)

    Honey is like Nightshift. She usually visits the food bowl three times each night with an hour or two between visits. I have seen her wander round other parts of the garden and she seems to find beetles and such to eat as well as the free stuff at the mealworm kitchen. It is nice to know they then get a balanced diet.

  2. We are amazed at just how much hedgehog traffic there is. There are a lot of babies, so let's hope that with a bit of help they can make it through the winter.

    We don't know how many babies Nightshift had altogether, and to be honest we've lost track of which two she brought in with her, but I don't think they can all be hers. We sometimes see another large hedgehog, similar in size to Nightshift, so that may be the other mother.

    We read somewhere that hedgehogs need to eat more each night than their stomachs can hold, and they go to sleep it off if they have a big meal, so I think it's a good sign if they aren't eating all the time. We do worry that they are only eating mealworms, but that doesn't seem quite the case as they do spend time elsewhere.

    I found another brand of hedgehog food at the local garden centre yesterday, so we are going to give that a try, in the hope they might like it, unlike the others we have tried.