Sunday, 18 October 2009

Alfie pays a visit

We still had three hedgehogs with us again last night.

Indy was still in residence, and is still eating well - he again almost finished the full bowl of mealies on his own. He's not going very far afield, but it seems he doesn't feel big enough to hibernate yet, even though we assume most of his family and friends are already hibernating.

Keep on munching!

The regular early visitor was back again, eating on the ATM and the lawn feeder, and like Indy he was still eating well.

Alfie was the big surprise. As we haven't had so much activity, I must admit I wasn't watching the cameras quite as closely as in the past, and the first I saw of him he was on the patio, having a drink outside 9d. He kept disappearing - Alfie has this habit of wandering off - but he reappeared, and climbed into 9c, settled down and had a nap for an hour.

Then he got up and was eating and drinking outside for a full quarter of an hour. Here he is, speeded up four times. He's still eating well.

No sign of anyone else.

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