Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Same procedure as last night...

Still two hedgehogs... These two chaps seem to be hanging on, and with the current mild weather we wonder how much longer they will still be around - will they get fed up waiting and hibernate anyway, or will they wait until the next cold spell.

The visitor was around for a little longer than the last few nights - we have about 14 minutes of him on video, so this clip is slightly speeded up to get it under the 10 minute youtube limit.

He was missing under the decking for over half an hour this time, instead of his customary five minutes, so we wondered if he was making up for the missed visit last night, when he was startled on the lawn. He even went back down to the lawn feeder, although he seems to be drinking more than eating.

Indy is still at the front, although he didn't come out as many times, but he's still eating, and he again went out for a couple of hours before coming back to bed for the day.

What we have noticed is that we don't need to do a "poo patrol" any more. When he first moved in, there was an awful lot of hedgie poo around. We thought he might be using one of the two nestboxes as a toilet, but think it's unlikely as he does spend a lot of time in both. We assumes he's going when he's on his travels - or the poor little chap has terrible constipation.

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