Wednesday, 14 October 2009

A few hungry hedgehogs

Things have really quietened down now with the hedgehogs. It was the coldest night yet - down to 4.7 degrees C - and there was very little activity.

Only Alfie at the back and Indy at the front had stayed the day, with no sign at all of Nightshift. Nightshift was living in 9b this time last year so we don't think it's just the temperature keeping her away. We hope she's all right.

Alfie had been taking advantage of her absence, spending some time in 9b the day in 9c. He seems to be developing quite an appetite now.

The previous night, the lawn feeder was virtually untouched, whereas the night before it had been emptied. Well, it was nearly emptied this time - in forty minutes. We're not sure how many hedgehogs were involved, but we think the first one at least was Alfie. Here's a clip, speeded up ten times - the whole video was 45 minutes in real time.

Indy is still living in 9f. He really does seem quite timid.

Car lights and people walking past give him quite a fright - and he runs for cover, rather than curling up in a ball, so I think he should be in good shape for surviving modern dangers.

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