Monday, 12 October 2009

Please, Sir, I want some more...

Things are still very quiet, hedgehog-wise. Nightshift was AWOL again - out all day, not a sign of her overnight, and still missing this morning. At first sight, we thought she had returned, but although the hedgehog in 9c is quite heavily marked, it's much smaller than Nightshift, and we're certain it's little Alfie, although "little" doesn't seem to apply so much. The chappie seems to be getting larger, which is something of a relief with the impending winter, and tonight's weather forecast of 4 degrees C.

Alfie was asleep in 9c, when 9d decided to join him. There was no sign of a rumpus inside the nest box, so it looks like Alfie may have slept through it all, but as this (cut) clip shows, 9d came out of 9c, had a snack and then went into 9d. A few minutes later Alfie came out of 9c, had a snack and went back in.

Later on, 9d was happily munching when Alfie got up. Poor 9d flipped into defensive mode, although he had to wait while Alfie had a "toothpaste moment" in preparation for his exertions. Poor 9d wandered off and chose to stay away today.

Following the previous night's level of scoffing on the lawn feeder, we put extra mealies in - only to find that we'd only had one visitor and the bowl was almost full. While the hedgehogs are away, the starlings have returned and they soon made short work of the mealies in the bowl. This is not a speeded up video!

Indy is still up to his usual tricks at the front, changing nest boxes every hour or so. Although we had plenty of mealworms left at the back, poor Indy was left to look under the saucer for more - and this was after we'd topped up the bowl before we went to bed. To be fair, there were still mealworms left in the bowl by the front door, but maybe that's a little too far away when he's ready for bed. We will get some more of the deep hedgehog bowls - they hold more and they are very stable and don't tip up when the hedgehogs stand on them.

So, we are still hoping Nightshift is all right and we haven't had a similar event to that reported tonight in Snufflehog's Hog Blog. We are becoming more convinced that she's in her nursery nest.

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