Sunday, 18 October 2009

Now we are three

The hedgehogs must be settling down to hibernate, as their visits are getting very infrequent. I'm running late with the blog, so this is for Friday night/Saturday morning, but we only had three visitors.

The first was at the ATM.

This is one of the regular visitors, usually the first of the evening. He is probably living in one of the gardens further up the alley, but he never comes very far into the garden, just going down to the lawn feeder and water and then going out again.

Indy is now our sole resident, out in 9f at the front. He doesn't seem to be straying very far now. He just comes out to the bowl, has a quick snack and goes back to bed for an hour or so. He does occasionally exit left, heading for a drink, but he's only away for a few minutes.

Although he doesn't eat much at a sitting, he's still eating a fair amount of food - by 5:30 am he was licking the bowl clean, and he was the only visitor. He can't have been too hungry, as he just went to bed for the day after this, rather than wandering across to the other feeder.

And finally, there's little Alfie. He's still coming, although only for one visit, but he has a huge meal, eating and drinking on the lawn feeder for about 35 minutes non-stop. The he popped out under the decking. He normally disappears there for a couple of minutes before coming back into the garden, but this time it was only for a few seconds, and he didn't even go fully out of shot. We really wonder what he is up to.

So, that's all. Left's hope Nightshift, Flatmat, 9d and friends are all tucked up safely somewhere safe and sound.

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