Thursday, 15 October 2009

Home Alone

After last night's five empty nest boxes, we were relieved to see little Indy return to 9f during the evening. He sniffed the mealies and went to bed, but he was up and about during the night, and quite a lot of mealies had been scoffed went I went out this morning. And the great news is that Indy has been in 9f all day.

Alfie came into the garden in the early hours. Here he is arriving via the alley. He had quite a long snack on the lawn feeder and generally scouted around the lawn, but he never went down onto the patio.

He did his usual brief excursion under the decking.

Returning five minutes later. We really don't know where he goes under the decking, but many nights he, and a number of the other hedgehogs, go out under the decking for a few minutes and come back the same way. We'll have to try a camera looking under the decking sometime, to see what they get up to.

Alfie and another hedgehog had a brief scrap on the lawn feeder. We think the one who stays is Alfie, but they are quite similarly marked. He does stay munching and drinking here for almost twenty minutes.

And finally, a brief visit on the patio from Fussy - "No, I still don't like mealworms"

So, no sign of Nightshift for yet another night, only a couple of visitors, no sign of Flatmate or 9d. Where have they all gone? Has someone built a luxury hedgehog apartment block in the area? Wherever you are, hedgies, we hope you are all right.

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