Saturday, 24 October 2009

Indy stands his ground

We had a surprise tonight - a visitor in the back garden. Since he didn't come last night, we assumed he was hibernating, but apparently not just yet. Mind you, he didn't hang around. A quick snack at the ATM, then out under the decking for a couple of minutes, then back in, across to the ATM and out. We really wonder what is so interesting under the decking that they all visit, but for only a few minutes. We have still put food and water out in the usual places, just in case we do get a hungry visitor.

Indy is still in residence at the front, tucking in to his mealworms. We tried him with a little digestive biscuit last night. He had a little, but he still prefers mealworms.

He was a little wary when he first came out, giving the air a good sniff. It soon becomes apparent what he was sniffing - a cat. Last night, he beat a hasty retreat when the cat came, but he stood his ground and carried on munching.

He was still with us today, still changing sides! We are becoming very attached to the little chap.

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