Thursday, 1 October 2009

Who is Afraid of Nightshift the Hedgehog?

Nightshift is rather bossy nowadays, and although she can share a bowl quite happily with a young hedgehog, she does like to show them who is in charge now and again. It seems she is making her mark as two young chaps wouldn't go through the ATM when she was eating on the other side:

Nightshift has moved back to the back garden. The last two nights she hasn't been to feed at the front at all. She has been going out of the garden, but not for long, and napping in 9c a lot. Don't know what has changed her mind. She's spending a lot of time by 9a, and also in the 9e feeder.

There has been a small amount of activity on the second feeder and on the water at the front, but nothing on the feeder monitored by the camera. Going on the size of the poos, it's a small hedgie.

The hedgehogs do seem to be quite warm, as Nightshift and 9d spent a lot of time in the tunnels of the nest boxes, either looking out or asleep. Even little Alfie was asleep in the 9b tunnel some of the time, rather than in the nest box.

When 9d finally got up, we came to the conclusion it wasn't 9d, it was 9d2, if you see what I mean - this one seemed to be larger and had different marks on its back. We don't know where the real 9d went, but 9d2 didn't spend the day in 9d, so it was left unoccupied. The straw in the tunnel had disappeared, so we decided to sneak a look in and top the straw up. As we feared, there was a large pile of poo at the end of the middle tunnel (just to the right of what you can see in the camera.) The hedgehogs do occasionally poo in the nest, but they usually get up and use the tunnel during the day. They won't go out, even in 9a which is at the edge of the lawn and quite secluded. So, we changed the straw in the tunnel and put lots more in, as the weather is turning colder.

They don't seem too upset by changes to the nest - since they get visitors quite often I assume they are used to it.

9d (or 9d2) had returned much earlier, in quite a hurry, running all the way across the patio:

It's quite surprising just how long their legs are when they run.

Still no interest in the hedgehog food.

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  1. Yes, they can certainly get a move on when they want. I think I read somewhere that their legs are 3 to 4 inches long and they can run about the same speed we walk.