Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Empty Nest Syndrome

Yes, we're sad to report that for the first time in ages we had no daytime residents in any of the five nest boxes. We really don't know what's happened to all the hedgehogs. We only had a couple of visits yesterday evening, and one during the night.

Not-so-little Alfie (he seems to be getting quite chubby now) spent yesterday in 9b, but at getting-up time he transferred into 9c. He stayed there (apart from his munching excursions) until the early hours, then left the garden. We think he made a brief appearance at the front, even going into 9f for a short break, but then he left and didn't return. Here he is going into 9c during the early part of the evening:

Here he is settling down for a nap in 9c:

No sign at all of Nightshift. We really are getting rather worried, not only about her but all of the other hedgehogs. Something in the weather must have disturbed them - the number of hedgehogs in the area can't all have met with accidents, so unless they've been hog-napped they must be somewhere, hopefully safe.

A number of the other hedgehog blogs we follow are also reporting reduced activity and missing hedgehogs, so it must be something they all get up to.

Even little Indy at the front has gone AWOL. He had a bit of a shock with a visiting cat. We don't recognise the cat - it's not one of the many in the area.

Here's the last video of him from this morning before he departed for his awayday. This is his first night away since he moved in a fortnight ago. Come back safe, little chap.

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