Tuesday, 20 October 2009

An unexpected visit

I'm back working on the customer site this week, so I'm early to bed, early to rise, and that's why I'm writing last night's blog this morning.

Yesterday morning, just as I got up, I was surprised to see a hedgehog in the alley, munching away.

Unfortunately, he just turned around and went away again, instead of coming into the garden. We aren't sure who it was, but have a suspicion it may have been Indy.

Indy stayed in 9f all day. He came out several times and still has a good appetite:

We were rather worried when we checked in the morning, since a brief scan back through the video had showed no sign of him. A full check showed that he left just before 3 am and didn't come back until 6:15, so it could well have been him in the alley:

Finally, Alfie, or at least we think it's Alfie.

The first sighting of him was coming in under the decking. He then went out under the decking on two occasions, for a couple of minutes each time, before nipping out through the ATM for ten minutes. We really don't know what he does, but we sometimes get the feeling he's looking for someone, as we've seen him go round each nest box in turn.

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