Wednesday, 21 October 2009

And then there were two...

We didn't see Alfie last night, so it looks like he, too, has decided to hibernate. He seemed very small for a long time, but the last week or two he put on a spurt and seemed quite chubby, so we hope he makes it. Good luck, little chap.

That leaves us with two hedgehogs. The regular visitor was back, more or less as usual. He spent five minutes eating outside the ATM.

He then went out under the decking a few minutes later:

He was back on the lawn feeder for a few minutes later in the evening:

The othe hedgehog we see is Indy at the front. He is still very active. He was in and out of 9f seven or eight times during the night, having a quick snack and then back to bed, with the odd longer excursion. At four am, he still hadn't made much of an impression on the food bowl, but when I got up at 5:45 it was empty! I refilled it, and he did come out for another snack before bed.

Indy does seem to be getting quite large, but he doesn't seem happy with his weight yet, so we may see him for a day or two yet.


  1. I guess it won't be too long before they are all tucked up for the colder weather to come. Nice to still see some activity. I have stopped putting food out as I haven't seen a hog for over two weeks. I must turn the night camera round to see if anything else visits at night.

  2. We still had a few visits from soggy hoggies last night (it rained here all day and evening yesterday). They are getting fewer, and arriving later now.

  3. The hedgehog visits are really dropping off. I think I've only seen one - possibly two - tonight.

    Funny thing, Monday night when I found the autumn juvenile which later went to Tiggywinkles, the garden was really busy with hogs.