Tuesday, 27 October 2009

And still there are two

Nothing new to report... We still have two hedgehogs around. It seems very strange that we are still getting two hedgehogs when all the other hedgies disappeared a good few days ago.

The visitor came in, but didn't make it as far as the decking - he was on the lawn feeder when something startled him. We think it was next door closing their back door. Whatever it was, he beat a hasty retreat out of the ATM.

Indy is still living at the front, and he's still out exploring for a couple of hours in the early hours of the morning. Here he arrives back home, without stopping for anything to eat.

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  1. "Nothing new to report... We still have two hedgehogs around"

    Snap! Well we have at least two - that's the maximum we see feeding together now, and I *think* it's the same two who keep coming back.

    It wasn't that long ago that I said we had at least 5, but the others seem to have disappeared. Not only are we seeing less, but the food is going down more slowly, and there are less "deposits" left on the grass.

    Ours are also eating for less time, and not hanging around once they have fed any more. Still, at least there are some visiting...