Friday, 23 October 2009

Indy gets a fright

Indy is still around - but last night he was the only hedgehog we saw. The visitor in the back didn't appear, so it looks like he, too, has gone into hibernation.

Indy is still up and about, but he's not been eating so much the last couple of nights. He wasn't away for very long, either, compared to the previous night, so maybe he is thinking of hibernating with us.

He is still using both halves of the nest box. If anything we think he prefers the left-hand one, which is on the house side, and so may be a little warmer, but he still uses the right-hand one quite a lot.

He had a bit of a shock tonight, as he was tucking in to his mealworms, when a cat appeared, and he dashed for cover. He was in for quite a while before he reappeared, but at least he'd had quite a good feed. We love the way his nose goes up and he sniffs when the cat arrives.

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