Thursday, 29 October 2009

Au Revoir, Indy

It seems that Indy, the indecisive hedgehog who couldn't decide whether to sleep in the left-hand or right-hand nest box in the boiler room, and has been moving between the two several times each night, has finally made his mind up, and gone into hibernation.

He was very late getting up, and only had a small amount to eat before going back to bed. Then, at 3:37 am, he got up, sniffed at his food bowl and left... and he didn't come back.

He's been out for a few hours each night, hopefully building himself a nice, snug hibernaculum for the winter. so, it seems he's ready. It's been quite mild recently, although it was chilly and damp when I went out this morning, so it seems he's been taking advantage of a few extra days of feeding, but had decided it's time to go.

So, good luck for the winter, little chap, and see you in the spring.

That leaves us with just the visitor. As usual, he had a snack at the ATM, but he then went straight to the decking, and was out for about fifty minutes, before returning for a good drink one the lawn, and then out through the ATM.

It can only be another day or two before he also hibernates.

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